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Business of Story

Jan 7, 2019

Sometimes, what should be a source of pride, financial security, and wealth for the family becomes a source of heartache, dysfunction, and conflict. The want for power and control is what separates families. This is why it is essential to have leadership coaches who can teach the essence of storytelling in building a successful family business.

Years ago, I was a football game watching my son, where I met this week's guest, Pete Walsh. I was at a point in life contemplating whether I was stuck or if I was being nudged to a deeper calling. Little did I know that the universe was listening to my subconscious desires. Sometimes, you meet someone who can light the path for you and show you the way. Pete was that person for me, and has been instrumental in my transition from the advertising world to speaking and brand story workshops with Business of Story.

Pete Walsh is a leadership coach who came from a prominent family business. He's also the author of the book Coach To Win The Leadership Game. Pete is a firm believer that a family doesn’t just happen in the bloodline, it can also be in small groups: a group of people caring about one another, believing the same thing, pursuing the same goal, is a family.

He also believes that when people come together and learn to have “productive conflict”, build off each other’s unique styles, then they can make a powerful team. Pete will teach us how to become a detached observer and a reflective practitioner so we can listen to the stories we are telling ourselves. He can push you out of your comfort zone and make you say, “That is not my story. This is my new story.”

In this episode, understand the important role of leadership storytelling in the attainment of success in business. Life is indeed short. And because it is, we are all encouraged to stop telling ourselves the wrong stories. Take responsibility for your happiness and live on the tagline: “destroy the competition, not the family.”

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