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Business of Story

Oct 15, 2018

One of the most important commodities in our industry is truth.”   In a world where almost everyone’s personal struggle revolves around the approval from others, it’s always been easier to say what we think people want to hear instead of what things actually are.

Truth is the most powerful tool every storyteller can use when they want to win the hearts of their audience. 

Director Randy Murray is the man behind the scenes and success of Dr. David Brill's political ad featuring six siblings who rebelled against their brother, Paul Gosar, and encouraged the public to oust him as their Arizona Congressman.

These 6 siblings used nothing but pure, honest words, and told the public a story of a family and how they struggled with the truth they all had to live with. They wanted to tell the world what is really happening in the hopes that the rebellion will end up saving not only the people of Arizona, but will also put a permanent end to their brother’s evil ways.

Today, Director Murray will teach us how we can turn the truth into the most compelling element to create a hit story of all time. Our guest on this week's show, Randy Murray, unravels the shocking revelation that truth, in its deepest essence, is actually the best tool any storyteller can use in this lifetime.


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