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Business of Story

Sep 24, 2018

40 years back, Forever Living was a scrappy startup operating from a garage. Today, it is a multi-billion dollar organization with a presence in 150 plus countries.

Their success can be attributed, in no small way to their genius brand story telling prowess.

In order to come up a magnetic brand story, you need a FIRM focus on authenticity and selflessness.  In this week’s show, Nick Woodward-Shaw, Vice President of Communications for Forever Living Products, Int’l, shares how you can create emotional experiences that affect lasting change for your customers. And how these special moments can help spark brand stories that spread like wildfire.

Nick shares how Rex, the founder discovered the powers of Aloe Vera – which ultimately propelled Forever Living to being the powerhouse that it is today.

Nick shares some heartwarming anecdotes that eventually became powerful storytelling experiences – allowing Forever Living to transform into a magnetic brand. How did Nick manage to put up a mesmerizing brand experience on the beaches of Dubai at the famous Burj Al Arab?  And, what was Nick’s methodology for compiling “40 Stories” – a book that capture the essence of Forever Living?

“40 stories” details diverse and amazing stories about selflessness and giving. You will learn about the amazing Suzuki San and the tenacious Sunil Gupta. Nick reveals the FIVE elements of storytelling that he focused on while designing this book.

Tune in to discover some great nuggets on how to design special moments that succeed in establishing a solid connection even with anonymous people.

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