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Business of Story

Jan 21, 2019

This week, we’re doing something different from the past 179 episodes. It's my turn to be on the hot seat and my guest, Wanita Z-Fourie, will be the one asking the questions. In this show, we discuss how to use storytelling to grow your following.

Wanita is an African Kiwi and a social media professional who founded The Online Business Academy and an annual Social Media Conference New Zealand, where I'm honored to be a speaker. She tours the world to speak and teach different businesses and organizations about social media marketing. Her travels became a great medium for her to experience the world first hand, which enabled her to learn different ways to tell a story with authenticity and integrity. Both qualities are essential in ensuring the success of storytelling in social media. 

On this show, Wanita will share how authentic storytelling is essential in growing your online following. She’ll teach you how you can be genuine in your communication and still get your points across. You'll also learn how to tell stories based on what your heroes (aka your customers) really want and need, as part of your business branding. 

As we discuss how I grow my following on the Business of Story, I share the origin story of the Story Cycle System --  the 12 Steps in Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey, which I refined into 10 shorter steps to fit into the business world. 

Because when you focus on using the steps of the Story Cycle System, your social media marketing and communications can become easier  by using your power of narrative intuition. 

Become a Master Storyteller

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