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Business of Story

Jun 4, 2017

What if I were to tell you that the most crucial aspect of a successful business was not actually profit gain? Would you be willing to believe that a key ingredient in a booming, high-profit organization was generosity?

We at the Business of Story typically focus on the story aspect of brand marketing strategy. Today we’re focusing on the business side.

In the past, marketing and advertising were created for the sole purpose of generating as much revenue as possible, with no concern for the customers. That was then, and this is now. 

The modern consumer has more agency and makes informed decisions based on up to date facts. They no longer serve the brand; the brand serves them. Previous methods of marketing are no longer effective in this age, and businesses need to adapt to survive. How can an organization hope to succeed in this cutthroat world of brand marketing?

Simple; just a little bit of kindness and authenticity. Today’s guest is an expert both in business and humanities. Bob Burg, international businessman, author of Go-Giver, and Endless Referrals is with us to explain how giving is the most effective way of getting.

With decades of experience helping Fortune 500 companies and other business endeavors, Bob has created his Five Laws of Stratospheric Success to share with others the stunning effect that generosity and kindness can have. His goal is to remind us that the purpose of business is not for making money, but the exchange of value so that both parties leave happy. These lessons examining the methods of business are crucial for any entrepreneur who wants to respect and to be respected, by their customers. Tune in today, and learn just how giving is receiving.

In This Show, You’ll Learn

  • Bob Burg’s Five Laws of Stratospheric Success
  • The importance of generosity in the business world
  • Benefits of focusing the story on someone else

Key Quotes

  • “Money is the thunder to value’s lightning.” – Bob Burg
  • “The focus was not in the right place; the focus was on myself.” – Bob Burg
  • “People buy you first before they buy into your product” – Bob Burg
  • “Don’t be afraid to show your authentic vulnerable self, and that gets people to buy into what you are about, so you can help them get what they want.” – Park Howell

Story Marketer of the Week

Not wanting the stress of spending $200 per night on a hotel, my wife and I decided to try out AirBnB during our most recent trip to visit our son in Hollywood.

Boy, were we impressed! Michelle and I have since used AirBnB for basecamp in our travels across the United States and Europe, each room an incredible and unique experience. AirBnB recognizes that it’s more important for the focus to be on the guests, and works hard to ensure that you are the hero on this brand journey.

A large section of their website is dedicated to customers sharing their own tales. Plus, it features the stories of their hosts and photos of the guest’s journeys. For creatively shifting the focus from their own company to the consumers, and for putting the customer in the spotlight of their story, we have awarded AirBnB as the Story Marketer of the Week.

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