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Business of Story

Jan 7, 2018

I just read a 2013 study on U.S. media consumption that said we consume 33 gigabytes of information per person consumer per day. That was five years ago. Imagine the growth in media consumption now.

As business storytellers, we have more online channels than ever to share our messages. But your brand stories drown in this cacophony of communication unless you make your content marketing stand out.

It's not about being better than everyone else. It's about telling brand stories and business narratives that are uniquely your own. Authentic stories that illustrate how you are different. Because within your uniqueness you will find your market advantage.

Author and long-time social media strategist Erik Deckers returns for an encore episode to teach you how to best optimize your online and interpersonal marketing. Author of No Bullshit and Branding Yourself, Erik’s books have helped brand marketers share their stories through any form of communication.

Today we will learn about the Fichtean Curve and how you can use it to create a powerful story, the steps towards building your own brand, and the three steps towards creating compelling content and a robust community.

Become a Master Storyteller

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Park Howell is an international keynote speaker who teaches people and organizations across the world the applied science and bewitchery of story. He makes brand stories crystal clear through his proven Story Cycle system that works every single time that's helped companies grow as much as 400 percent. 

International brands Park's worked with include Hilton, Coca-Cola, Beyer Pharmaceutical, Cummins Diesel, American Express, American Marketing Association, Arizona State University, United States Air Force and dozens more. Learn more about working with Park to get your brand story straight.