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Business of Story

Nov 5, 2017

What if the company you ran was recognized with the prestigious "Best Places to Work" award, but life at home was not what it could be?

Would you change?

Ambition and bills drive us to pursue the best possible career. And that requires dedication to your work. But what happens when we place too much focus on our business?

It's easy for us to forget why we work in the first place, but it's far more difficult to change once we remember. Our guest today will show you firsthand how you can not only balance family and work but create a better environment in both.

Jay Feitlinger is a father, husband, and Founder of Stringcan Interactive. After years of focusing on creating a thriving business, Jay realized that he had been neglecting his family.

Using the same strategies he applied at work, he created a step-by-step method of shifting your focus and finding a healthy balance. Jay found that not only was he happier at home, but the changes with his family helped boost productivity at the office too!

Tune in and learn how shifting the focus from the boardroom to the dining room will benefit your family at work, and your family at home. He's redesigned his entire company around the concept of family business. 

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In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • How focusing on your family will help your business
  • Creating a balance between your work and personal life
  • Finding a category that fits your business model

Key Quotes

  • “It scared me how one person's selfishness could ruin so many lives.” - Jay Feitlinger
  • “My friends were concerned that I was putting all my effort into my family and not my business. But I made a commitment to my family, and I found that I was so much happier, and I was a lot more focused at work.” - Jay Feitlinger
  • “The more I removed myself, the better my team was performing.” - Jay Feitlinger
  • “We always want to keep learning, but never be the smartest guy in the room.” - Park Howell

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