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Business of Story

Feb 18, 2019

One of the most contentious issues among our political leaders is climate change, and the Green New Deal is furthering the conversation and the divide. But many leaders of purpose-driven brands are finding new ways to frame sustainability as a tremendous business opportunity. So how do you use your brand storytelling to open minds, especially when attempting to bring polarized worlds together?
Bruno Sarda, Head of Sustainability at NRG, the country’s leading integrated power company with a goal of creating a sustainable energy future, shares how he uses storytelling to open the hearts and minds of customers, legislators and students. He is also a professor for the Executive Masters of Sustainability Leadership at Arizona State University.
Bruno will share the nuances of storytelling to help you find common ground with a contentious audience. It starts by minimizing negative impact and maximizing the positive through the stories you tell. Bruno will challenge your comfort zones and encourage you to look at sustainability in a whole new way. As he says, “Sustainability is not about doing without, but doing differently.”
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