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Business of Story

Mar 31, 2018

For many organizations, the hardest part of telling their brand story is finding it. We experience so much every day that it’s often difficult to realize which events are the pivotal ones that define our brand's story. more

If you want to tell a fantastic story that truly connects with your customers, you have to stop...

Mar 25, 2018

Every entrepreneur knows it's all about who you know.

The universal truth is that running a business without help from friends is impossibly difficult. We have become so dedicated to spreading our name as far as possible, it's common for us to forget the true value of these connections.

Our episode today is about...

Mar 18, 2018

Our subconscious mind is one of our greatest mysteries. Sigmund Freud believed that the conscious mind is only the tip of the iceberg, and the enormous subconscious was an ocean of thoughts, feelings, memories, and instincts all meshing to create ourselves.

As storytellers, we often think only of how our stories will...

Mar 11, 2018

Storytelling is the best way to share emotions. With the right story, your audience can experience any feeling the teller may share.

Emotional appeal is the most powerful aspect of story brand marketing, but often we focus on the same emotions. There is an abundance of campaigns seeking to create hope, fear, even shame...

Mar 4, 2018

No matter what end of the spectrum you’re on, politics is exhausting.

In our world of fake news, Russian hacks, controversies, and conspiracies, the endless cycle wears us down. Almost every facet of our lives has become politicized, and with it, our society has become completely polarized.

Even slight ideological...