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Business of Story

May 14, 2017

The world of brand marketing is changing rapidly. Ad campaigns don't work like they used to. Because brands are no longer the storytellers. They're the story makers handing their stories to their customers in hopes they'll share it with their world.

Smart brands are focused on making movements, like REI's #OptOutside effort. Dove's "Real Beauty" campaign. Or Heineken's recent "Open Your World" work.

How do you turn an ad campaign into a meaningful movement that matters? It starts by creating a relationship with your audiences through your story marketing.

Brand relationship expert, Kimberly Manno Reott of Context Partners, joins us from her home in Madrid, Spain. She explores the three elements and six critical roles to every successful movement.

Context Partners is a new type of design firm focused on relationships at scale.

We all face a changing world where identity, information, and power are rapidly shifting. Traditional models of communication are failing and once-passive audiences are coalescing into powerful, vocal communities.

Kimberley and her team help organizations like Microsoft, Lilly and the Rockefeller Foundation and the Rainforest Alliance build, navigate and leverage their relationships to shape the future.

Kimberly will teach you how to craft a compelling message and structure the right team with the correct personalities to turn your campaign into a movement. 

In This Show, You’ll Learn:

  • How to approach business storytelling through the lens of relationships, particularly through the STORYTELLER.
  • The three-story plot points you need to make any movement take off
  • The six aspirational roles people play to make your cause successful
  • And the almighty power of chocolate to bring clarity to your story.

Key Quotes:

“All business strategy is a story.” – Park Howell

“In traditional marketing, consumers get segmented by demographics… that way of segmenting people is kind of old school and actually doesn’t allow you to build the relationships that are lasting.” –  Kimberly Manno Reott

“It ultimately comes down to building these relationships by truly understanding your audience.” –Park Howell

Mentioned in this episode: