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Business of Story

Mar 26, 2017

Joel Capperella joins us on Business of Story; and today, we talk about why you must recognize and tap into the dramatic nature of what's actually happening in your sales conversions, the journey your customer's on, and what stories they're telling themselves about you at that moment.

We're also going to look at the most powerful word in storytelling, and that word is 'why.' That's all about the power of why in your story, listening in your storytelling, and in your story selling.

At the end of the show, Joel has a tool for you to make sure you have the proper story alignment in your sales pipeline. Let's explore how to use story marketing to fill your sales funnel with the right folks.

You'll Learn:

  • How to use the right story marketing to up your sales conversion rates
  • Why the word "why" is so powerful in storytelling
  • Why you need to always be attuned to your customer's journey

Key Quotes:

"It's not just enough to have good content. It has to be content that connects." - @JoelCapperella (click to tweet)

I still have to be very intentional about sitting down, designing, and mapping out the story that I'm going to tell." - @ParkHowell (click to tweet)

"Start with a moment. Start with a human experience around your product or service, and listen to it." - @ParkHowell (click to tweet)

"I really believe that above all, story is a catalyst to really great things within our organizations." - @JoelCapperella (click to tweet)

"If we have trouble telling our own story, or our customer's stories, we have to assume that our customers are too." - @JoelCapperella (click to tweet)

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