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Business of Story

Mar 5, 2017

It’s often thought that keeping a business's focus more general is a positive way to stay open to more business. But in reality, generalizing actually weakens your brand story. Learning how to be super focused and specific in your brand story’s unique offering will help strengthen your messaging, grow your business, and bring success to your brand.

Today’s guest will help you focus your brand story. He’s been marketing high-tech for more than thirty years. He’s taken companies from the early startup stage to hundreds of millions of dollars of sales through focused storytelling. He was most recently the head of international marketing for Infusionsoft, where he helped grow the company from $15 million in annual sales to $100 million. He did this by narrowing the company's brand story, then helping the Infusionsoft team and its customers live into and prosper from that story.

Greg Head is now a strategic growth advisor to a number of emerging companies. On today’s show, he’ll share some of the secrets he has gained by interviewing 300 executives over the past year about the growth of their companies. He’ll explain why you need to move from the attention deficit disorder that plagues most startups into the obsessive compulsive disorder mindset required for a focused leader to grow their company.

Primary Points:

  • Why being more narrow in your message actually makes it more powerful
  • How to tune into the most important and unique part of your brand story
  • How to grow your business exponentially by lasering into one message


Key Quotes:

“The simple answer is the right one and the useful one.” —@GregHead (click to tweet)

You can’t say everything to everybody.” —@GreagHead (click to tweet)

The more you say no, the more the world hears you.” —@GregHead (click to tweet)

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