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Business of Story

Nov 12, 2017

When you’re presenting on stage, chairing a meeting, or even talking with a friend at a coffee shop, you may find yourself struggling to give your idea a sense of importance. I mean, how can you convey the depths of your imagination through simple conversation?

Your thoughts could change the world, but without the ability to properly share it, your idea may fizzle. There is nothing more crucial than being able to convey your imagination and experience. Learn how to become the best communicator you can be fro one of the masters.

Gideon For-mukwai, the founder of Story Warrior Associates, is a world-renowned storytelling coach, dedicating his life to sharing the tremendous impact of storytelling for business leaders. Raised in a Cameroonian village in Africa, Gideon learned as a boy how a simple narrative can move an entire community to action. As described in his book, The Science of Storytelling, Gideon will teach you his Story DNA Method to help you create simple yet profound narratives for any situation. 

Become a Master Storyteller

Grab your free copy of The 5 Stages of Grief in Telling YOUR Business Story, check out:

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Park Howell is an international keynote speaker who teaches people and organizations across the world the applied science and bewitchery of story. He makes brand stories crystal clear through his proven Story Cycle system that works every single time that's helped companies grow as much as 400 percent. 

International brands Park's worked with include Hilton, Coca-Cola, Beyer Pharmaceutical, Cummins Diesel, American Express, American Marketing Association, Arizona State University, United States Air Force and dozens more. Learn more about working with Park to get your brand story straight.