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Business of Story

Dec 31, 2018

This episode holds a special spot in my heart because my father, Keith Clinton Howell, passed away recently. We recorded this episode three days after he was buried and I felt he was the one who led today's guest to the show. My guest is someone who went through severe losses –family members, a job she really loved - and came out kicking. Surprisingly, hitting rock bottom and going through the lowest point in our lives can help unravel our most powerful story.

Let’s welcome 2019 as warmly as we welcome our guest today, Andrea Cadelli, author of Life After This. Andrea is a storytelling coach dedicated to helping people achieve positive transformation. She is also a director, producer, and the founder and CEO of Newcastle Media. 

As she talks about that one point in her life when she was at her darkest, she aims to impart the 6 steps she took to rise above the pit. She calls these steps the 6 heart fire stories. Andrea will also teach us how to write our own heart fire stories, how to live into those to achieve just about anything you wish to achieve – which is our goal for 2019. 

Life is filled with inevitable events. When we deal with difficult times, all we can do is to try to get through and overcome them. Through this episode, we hope to ignite emotions, inspire change, and influence results simply by sharing our stories. Learn how to write your own "Be statements" and internalize that one thing we all have within ourselves that can push us over the top. 

Let’s all start the new year living out our own self-narratives.

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