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Business of Story

Apr 1, 2019


All businesses have stories. It doesn’t matter if you own a small-scale business, a medium enterprise, or a large corporation – they all come together with a common denominator: a brand story worth telling. So how do you know when it’s time to evolve your business and your brand story?

With every company’s evolution and growth, the brand story needs to evolve because you want your people to take part in that evolution. But what comes first the business or brand story evolution? 

My guest this week, John Oeschle, is the president and CEO at CRM and marketing automation software provider, Swiftpage. You may remember John from an earlier Business of Story episode when he was on the journey of building a thriving brand culture through storytelling.

John explores the importance of evolving your brand story to transform your business, but that starts with getting your employees to buy into the new narrative. He believes courage, passion and tenacity play vital roles in the success of your business. Does your brand have what it takes to evolve and thrive in a crowded, changing market?

"I want you to do something that scares you. It scares you, then you break through the fear, and you accomplish it. And then you can tell your story." —John Oeschle

Become a Master Storyteller

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