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Business of Story

Sep 28, 2018

The primaries are approaching and we’re inundated with the typical screeching political attack ads. But a surprising thing happens when you replace vitriol with ingenious storytelling. People take notice. And in this rare case, laugh.

Patrick Hunt, partner in Minneapolis ad agency Hunt Adkins, shares how they created the viral Bigfoot ad for Dean Phillips for Congress Campaign. They married truth with brilliant brand storytelling to call out five-time incumbent Erik Paulsen, a Congressman with a strong aversion of interacting with voters.

“How can you have tens of thousands of people looking for you all the time and not one of them find you?” asks a clearly impressed Bigfoot. “I started to wonder, does Erik Paulsen really exist?”

Hunt reveals how his team managed to get their client to take a chance with Bigfoot and create this viral ad on a shoestring budget in just three and a half weeks. Get a peek into the nuances of ad production, where you can learn about different production aspects that went into making this virally successful campaign.

Patrick shares some interesting information about the Dean Phillips campaign. Did Dean’s progressive attitude encourage Patrick to try this radically different approach? Learn about Dean’s campaign strategy to create, a creative website that highlights the competitor’s differences complete with a Pac Man game – with Erik as Pac Man, of course.

Tune in to discover how attributes like confidence and selflessness can help you design strategic and responsible brand storytelling.