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Business of Story

Sep 17, 2018

Whether you are a multi-billion dollar business or a brave little startup, the struggle to connect with your audience is a difficult and often, unsuccessful one.

Presenting your brand story through a narrative lens will help facilitate effective translation, allowing you to reach your target audience.

In this week’s show, you will discover how you can you can use your own personal narrative to create a magnetic brand story. Andrew Robinson, creator of the narrative thinking framework is a “Brand Anthropologist” who helps companies know and tell their story.

Andrew reveals his powerful philosophy which has allowed him to help businesses across the world make a genuine connection with the audience they want to connect with. Andrew also shares how asking your “Who” can ultimately lead you to your “Why”, “How” and “What”. Real world examples he shares show how personal stories can inspire businesses to create their own authentic brand stories and maintain strong fidelity to it are sure to keep you hooked.

What makes businesses like Disney and Starbucks so irresistible to their audiences? You'll learn about their empathy-filled ethos which has resulted in enduring “Brand Resonance” – and allowed these businesses to grow into the multi-billion corporations that they are today. We also discuss Nike and Phil Knight’s captivating memoir, Shoe Dogs. Phil Knight’s inspiring life story shows us that in order to realize our potential to the fullest, we have to deal with the part of us that is holding us back.

Tune in now to discover why DRAMA, and not DATA can help you connect with your audiences to build a truly enduring brand.

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