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Business of Story

Aug 6, 2018

Nowadays, businesses are starting to realize how truly vital it is to have a purpose-driven brand. That's because when your brand has a true purpose behind it, your potential for success increases dramatically.

Co-founder of China Mist Tea, John Martinson, saw that success firsthand in his very own business. He saw an inconsistency in the market and took advantage of it. Now, fast forward 36 years and China Mist can be found in just about any place that you can dine in.

John has since developed a strong passion for sustainability and finding ways to incorporate it into every aspect of life. In light of his passion for sustainability, he and his son, Neo, are in the midst of a 6,000 mile road trip to spread the message of sustainability.

On today’s episode of Business of Story, John shares with us how he built his company from the ground up and made it into the purpose-driven, sustainable brand that it is today.

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