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Business of Story

May 14, 2018

By now, you know the importance of using inspiration, relatability in your stories. Still, it can be difficult to combine all three. Yet our guest, Michael Backes, has mastered it through the art of surprising and suspenseful story structures.

Michael Backes is a brilliant man with many areas of expertise. Not only is he a storyteller, he is a screenwriter, co-founder of the American Film Institute Digital Media Studies program, Hollywood digital pioneer, special effects artist and author of Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana.

Though Michael has experience in many fields of work, they all can relate back to storytelling. He’s currently working with a consultancy in Southern California that specializes in cannabis science and policy issues worldwide, helping change the narrative around cannabis to help people with chronic pain.

Michael may be one of the most articulate geniuses we’ve had on the show exploring how the power of story mesmerizes and moves us. On this week’s podcast, Michael will share his eclectic background in storytelling and what it takes to truly connect with an audience. We’ll discuss how to construct engaging story structures that make your message incredibly easy for your audience to understand.


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