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Business of Story

Apr 23, 2018

We’re all guilty of putting profits above people at some point in our lives. All too often, brand marketers forget that we’re communicating with humans, not numbers. But success is often measured by how we impact the lives around us, and as storytellers we should always aim to connect with and help one another.

Our guest today, Kris Herbert of Kingswood Skis, is extremely talented at bringing people together through story. I was first introduced to Kris when she downloaded our DIY Story Cycle workbook. After witnessing her beautiful storytelling skill and how she was able to connect people through it, I knew we needed her to come on the show. In this episode, Kris shares how small batch storytelling can effectively change the world.  Listen to the engaging story she’s developed for Kingswood Skis, and you’ll soon understand how to better portray your brand’s personality and solve real-world problems with your product or service.


Become a Master Storyteller

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