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Business of Story

Mar 18, 2019

How “woo woo” does it sound if I tell you we are all made of stardust?

I guess it depends on the messenger. If you hear it from someone who has a doctorate in astrophysics and has mastered the study of the entire solar system, it might sound like a natural science phenomenon.

The real question is: how do you make people actually care about the amazing findings science brings us? How do you create context for complex subjects that captivates our divided, hurried attention?

The answer is revealed in this week’s Business of Story by our guest, Dr. Ghina Halabi, Ph.D. She is a Space Scientist at Cambridge University, founder of and the first Ph.D. Astrophysicist to graduate from the American University in Lebanon.

She shares her story as a young woman fighting to create opportunity in a sea of people trying to find their place under the sun. Learn why we shouldn't be afraid of challenges and how a mere curiosity can lead to the discovery of who you are designed to become.

"This is how I’ve lived my life so far. Enjoying a challenge, overcoming it and moving on to the next thing." —Dr. Ghina Halabi

Dr. Halabi will speak on her perspective about how we are all products of stardust, and that celestial bodies have their own life cycles and stories, just as humans do. Her discovery of the golden thread that connects everything together will be the greatest tool you can share on your own journey to help you overcome your “story phobia”.

"Story is the heart of Science." —Dr. Ghina Halabi

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