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Business of Story

May 7, 2017

How would you go about creating a brand story for a person? Would you be able to sell an individual’s personal story or even your own?

We at Business of Story focus on teaching storytelling and branding techniques for media marketers, advertisers, nonprofits, and other business-oriented organizations and leaders. 

Today we ask you to think of another area you can improve upon with a little bit of storytelling.

Marketing your own life is something that may be overlooked a bit too frequently, but if you can harness the power of story, the possibilities of your personal growth are endless.

With a bit of narrative, you’ll stand out above the rest, whether it be a job interview, making a big sale or just gaining a positive reputation in your community.

Our guest on this podcast episode is Sally Hogshead of How to Fascinate.

Author, advertiser, branding expert, media marketer and mother of eight, Sally joins us to share her story and what led her to the creation of her Fascination Personality Test.

Discover How The World Sees You with Sally Hogshead's Personality Test

Her creativity has been a defining part of her character, and from elementary school classrooms to international corporate offices, Sally’s experiences in story brand marketing have helped her craft her personality test to help you understand and utilize your own character.

This wonderful and insightful test is unlike any other I’ve ever taken, and to prove it, Sally is going to let you take the test for free!

Visit her Website and enter the code ‘story17’ for an opportunity to gain insight into your personality traits and how to best use your strengths.

Story on!