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Business of Story

Mar 19, 2017

We've all found ourselves in situations where we are at odds with an audience. For example, trying to launch an internal initiative in a corporate environment to a reluctant CEO. 
Persuading someone to change an unhealthy behavior. Or getting someone with an opposite view to open up and see things your way. On today's Business of Story, we review thimportance of finding common ground to help your stories connect with audiences and move people to action.

We're fortunate to have the documentary filmmaker, Peter Byck, join us. Peter's award-winning films, including Garbage and Carbon Nation, have often placed him at odds with audiences because of his subject matter around the highly charged debate on climate change and our impact on it. Peter is a master at finding common ground with his interviewees, as well as the naysayers who confront him on his sustainable storytelling.

You can see how Peter bridges these relationships, not only in his work but also in his two appearances on HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher.

Peter will show you how to overcome nerves when presenting by placing your audience first and foremost in your intentions. You'll learn the importance of letting serendipity help you find the focus of your storytelling. And he'll reveal why the "Solution" story is one of the most important narratives you can tell to open the hearts and minds of your audiences. 

You'll Learn:


  • How to relate to an audience that disagrees with you
  • Why finding common ground with your audience is vital
  • How focusing on being of service to your audience will help you get your story across

Key Quotes:

"Let me be of service. Let whatever I'm about to say be helpful." - @peterbyck (click to tweet)

I've learned to show people true respect in how I can listen, and they tell me things." - @peterbyck (click to tweet)

"I decided to just focus on solutions, and that's what Carbon Nation was all about - solutions." - @peterbyck (click to tweet)

"I'm not looking to change somebody's mind. I'm looking to find what they already agree on with me or the other folks." - @peterbyck (click to tweet)

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