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Business of Story

Oct 15, 2017

Every day dozens of brands sneak into your mind. This genius performance of brand marketing happens on a level so subtle, you often won't recognize it has happened. How is this possible?

In recent years, brand strategists have begun to harness a powerful yet underutilized tool; audio. TV commercials, radio ads, even ringtones can bring a message to millions of customers with a well-placed sound bite.

Today you will learn the power of sounds.

Founder of CMoore Sounds, Connor Moore is a world-renowned sound designer and composer who uses his experience to help develop a brand’s Sonic ID. Sound design is a critical aspect of any multimedia project, and the right audio can turn a good brand into a legendary brand.

We explore the ideas of Sonic Branding, how subliminal music can be most effective and telling a story through music. Would you have ever guessed you could create a story without words? Connor will show you how.

In This Show, You’ll Learn

  • The power found in iconic sonic brands
  • How music subtly but powerfully rounds out the brand experience
  • Where sonic storytelling is headed and how you can use it in your business

Key Quotes

  • “Sound is proven to touch people on a very visceral or emotional level that other mediums cant.” - Connor Moore
  • “Sound design is ultimately about creating an experience and telling a brand’s story through audio.” - Connor Moore
  • “It’s one thing if you just deliver music for the brand, but if it doesn't meet the customer’s experience, you're in trouble.” - Connor Moore
  • “Music is more powerful when you understand the background story and history.” - Connor Moore
  • “When music is written well, you don't even notice it. It comes in and works.” - Park Howell

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