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Business of Story

Oct 8, 2017

When you become proficient in your field, you’ll find people coming to you for your expert’s knowledge.

In fact, often your ability to educate peers on your methods will surpass the methods themselves. Every business professional has invaluable wisdom, but often they find it difficult to teach in a manner that sticks. Proficiency in teaching is critical for any professional, and today’s guest will help you refine your skill.

Greg Smith, co-creator of Thinkific, has been helping brands and business leaders build educational courses through his dynamic online platform. Throughout his career, Greg has found a teaching structure that can help audiences absorb ideas with ease. With his six knowledge bombs of online teaching, and tips on finding your market, Greg Smith will turn you into the best educator you can be. And as a bonus, he's giving you access to Thinkific for free

In This Show, You’ll Learn:

  • Power of pilot course to hone your teaching content
  • How to up your course completion rate
  • 6 knowledge bombs to think about while creating your course
  • Why perfection kills

Key Quotes

  • “We spent most of our time not on the marketing, but on making a course people would get the most value out of.” - Greg Smith
  • “With our imperfect videos, we had higher completion rates and better grades. They let the students know that we are human, we make mistakes too.” - Greg Smith
  • “My single biggest obstacle was my perfectionism. 'Perfect' is impossible.” - Greg Smith
  • “Once you get your product to the customers, they’ll find a hundred things you can improve upon.” - Greg Smith
  • “If you’re gonna move the world, you just have to get it out there. Don't try and be perfect.” - Park Howell
  • “You’ll learn as much from your students as they learn from you.” - Park Howell

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