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Business of Story

Oct 1, 2017

We all have tremendous difficulty making a request.

It’s a humbling experience for everyone; you’re exposing your vulnerability to a person who has what you need. You may feel that your message is so compelling that customers will immediately decide to get involved, but almost always, they need a direct invitation.

Today’s show will be breaking down the structure of an offer, and teach you how to get the sale without being “salesy.”

Joining us is Dustin Mathews, co-founder of Speaking Empire, and author of No B.S. Guide to Powerful Presentations: How to Sell Anything with Webinars & Online Media, Speeches, and Seminars. Dustin is an expert in creating an attractive request and will teach you his “patented” Irresistible Offer Architecture: a 9-Step Process will help you sell anything without feeling like you're selling at all.

Are you sold? Let’s go.


In This Show, You’ll Learn:

  • How we can motivate people with our words
  • Why there is reluctance in asking to close a deal
  • Why you should always be branding or naming your processes

Key Quotes

  • “Today, we can put words on paper or in a podcast and we can actually get people to act.” - Dustin Mathews
  • “You should always be training your people to take action.” - Dustin Mathews
  • “In the corporate world, you gotta tell people exactly what you want to do.” - Dustin Mathews
  • “There’s gotta be an urgency to take your audience out of status quo.” - Park Howell
  • “Your guarantees will take you t0 top of your game.” - Park Howell

Mentioned in this episode

Business Story Strategist, Keynote Speaker and Brand Raconteur

Park Howell is a trusted brand story strategist and sought-after keynote speaker on story marketing. He has helped international brands, including Coca-Cola, Beyer Pharmaceutical, Cummins Diesel, American Express, and United States Air Force.

The widely popular Business of Story podcast helps leaders of purpose-driven organizations clarify their stories to grow revenue and amplify their impact. Each episode brings you the brightest content creators, advertising creatives, authors, screenwriters, makers, marketers, and brand raconteurs that show you how to craft and tell compelling brand stories that sell.

Learn more about working with Park Howell and getting your brand story straight on our website.